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Non Vibrating Penis Pumps


Boi Toyz™ Peak Performance Pump

Bullfighter Pump

Boi Toyz Peak Performance PumpEnhance your pleasure & performance with a bigger, rock hard cock. Perfect fit pump provides powerful suction & a strong vacuum seal for robust pleasure

Bullfighter PumpEnter the arena masterfully with your magnificent lance ready to thrust proudly in its

Executive 3 Sleeve Pump

Fireman's Pump

Executive 3 Sleeve PumpThis is an essential of today's big time executives

Fireman's PumpYou can put out all your fires as you pump up that Fire Hose of yours for all the

Gentlemen's Personal Trainer

Head Coach Erection Pump

Gentlemen's Personal Trainer Vacuum SystemThe trainer retains its vacuum indefinitely and you wont need to hold it or prop it up

Head Coach Erection PumpThe erection pump with the jelly donut sleeve. Score touchdowns every time you're on the

Jackmatic Pump Large

Jackmatic Pump Small

Jackmatic Pump LargeSo you want a monster dick? You need thte new max power pro! This Jackmatic is a He-Man

Jackmatic Pump SmallOne handed operation makes this baby a breeze and leaves one hand free to play. So get

John's Only Pump

Max - The Ultra Pump

John's Only PumpThe sophisticated design of this new pump gives you hands free operation! The pump barrel

Max - The Ultra PumpThe ultimate personal pump scientifically designed to provide the maximum in stimulation

Non Vibrating Penis Pumps

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